22 Truths Baseball Moms Know

  1. Baseball dirt does not stay on the field. It will be found in your car and will also come home in your slugger’s cleats, socks, and sometimes even – inexplicably – in his underwear.
  1. Baseball uniform laundry is a serious chore. See above.
  1. Why hasn’t anyone popularized baseball pants the color of baseball dirt? See above.
  1. If your kid strikes out, it’s quite possible you’re sitting in the wrong seat. For the team’s sake, be sure to move before his next at-bat.
  1. If the team won when you wore that blue shirt, you should probably wear it again to the next game. And the same earrings just to be on the safe side.
  1. To reiterate #4 and #5, superstitions have actual power in baseball.
  1. If you know how to keep the scorebook, you will be asked to keep the scorebook.
  1. Most moms claim they don’t know how to keep the scorebook.
  1. If you keep the scorebook, you have to pay attention to the game and can’t talk to your fellow fans.
  1. If you keep the scorebook, you don’t have to talk to your fellow fans.
  1. A good stadium chair is worth every penny.
  1. You have to pick your battles during baseball season. Just go ahead and concede the excessive concession stand candy.
  1. On a related note, your standards of a decent dinner for the family will probably slide during baseball season as much as your kid does into second base.
  1. Try not to feel too guilty about this lack of home-cooked meals. Think of all the people you’re keeping employed at Chick-Fil-A.
  1. After a few seasons, you will accumulate a variety of team t-shirts you will wear again never. Hence the (surprising) popularity of generic – but heavily blinged – “Baseball Mom” tees.
  1. Somebody will always yell, “Be a hitter!” when kids head to the plate. Don’t be that somebody. Of course they want to be a hitter.
  1. Somebody will also always yell at her kid to get his elbow up while he’s batting. Don’t be that somebody either. Leave the coaching to the coaches.
  1. There are a lot of good life lessons to be learned from bad calls and tough losses. That doesn’t make them any less heartbreaking for us to watch.
  1. Winning isn’t everything. But it does make the ride home more enjoyable.
  1. Odds are he won’t ever play in the MLB, so enjoy this while it lasts. Someday you might miss scrubbing those stains out of his uniform pants.
  1. Ha! No, you won’t actually miss scrubbing those stains. But you just might miss seeing that triumphant look on his face when he hits a double, slides in safe, or scores the winning run.
  1. After all, sharing in his joy is what baseball moms do best.